About Us

About The JBA

The Johannesburg Basketball Association is the legal casodian of Basketball in the Johannesburg District. It's primary mandate is to ensure the participation, development and growth of basketball. In order to fulfil its mandate the JBA launched the Johannesburg Basketball League (JBL) in 2017 as a multi-divisional league that would ensure basketball participation for a full calendar year for:

  • Men's Premier division
  • Women's Premier division
  • Men's Division 1
  • Junior Division

The vision of the JBA is to develop and promote the game of basketball in such a way as to improve the standard of local competition and also increase the awareness of basketball in the Johannesburg region.

Our Mission Statement

The Johannesburg Basketball Association (JBA) shall endeavour to the best of its abilities and resources to ensure basketball is developed and played within its jurisdictions (as best as possible) on political, cultural, religious, racial and sexual neutrality.

The League

The purpose of the Johannesburg Basketball League is to have it run by the teams, for the teams. The JBL launched on the 5th of March 2017 at the Mandeville Indoor Center located within our vibrant city Johannesburg. There are 21 teams that are affiliated with the JBA and play in the JBL. The Basketball League has over 400 players in the indoor adult league and 120 junior players.

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There are currently 4 divisions within the JBL, split across two leagues.

  • Indoor League
  • Outdoor League
  • Men's Premier Division
  • Women's Premier Division
  • Men's Division 1
  • Junior Division (u14 & u16)