Project Team Name


Our Story

The team was established in order to complete our final year Information Technology project for Pearson Institute at the Midrand Campus. We're a team with a straightforward vision. We believe that in this generation of technology it goes without saying that technical skills are high in demand. With this in mind, we created this group in 2017. The group was initiated by Troy Makuyana, him as a visionary chose the group members based on their ability to work together, with diverse skills among them. From then the group amounted to four members, and we decided apon the name "CreateCular".

Our Purpose

The purpose of this group is to create systems that are functional but also visually appealing to the clients as well as the users.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best system solutions provider in Southern Africa, we aim to bring more innovative ideas, introduce new technologies and be more competitive in the international market.

Our Client

Our client for the final year project is Johannesburg Basketball Association abbreviated as JBA.


The JBA is the legal castodian of basketball in the Johannesburg district. The JBA's primary mandate is to ensure the participation, development and growth of basketball. In order to fulfill its mandate the JBA launched the Johannesburg Basketball League (JBL) in 2017 as a multi-divisional league that would ensure basketball participation for a full calendar year for the four divisions within the league.

Project Description

The JBA requested for us to develop a system for them that would promote the Organization in the Johannesburg region as well as to improve the image of basketball locally and world wide. The system requires the project team to integrate with the existing FIBA system currently being used. The system needs to help streamline the process of gathering and ensuring all player information is correct. The system also needed to promote the league to fans, in order to do this a fantasy league will be developed for the users. Access to reports and statistics is valuable to the players as well as the teams management. We are striving to create a system that is interactive and informative and that meets our clients needs as well as being fun and interactive for all the users.

Team Members

Abel Silva

Project Manager responsible for the project team and web development.

Skills include C++, Java, PhP, HTML, ReactNative

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Troy Makuyana

Team Manager responsible for database development and programming.

Skills include Java, CSS, MySQL, ReactNative

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Hazel Chirinda

Project member responsible for systems analysis and database admin.

Skills include PhP, HTML, Databases and Microsoft

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Byron Baxter

Project member responsible for Website administration and development.

Skills include C++, Java, CSS, HTML, CCNA R&S

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Pearson Institute

All team members are currently studying towards a Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Science at Pearson Institute's Midrand Campus. PIHE All members are busy with their third year (final year) of the Degree. Pearson Institute was formally Midrand Graduate Institute (MGI) up until the middle of 2017. For more information on Pearson Institutes BSc(Computer Science) Degree please click on the link: PIHE Computer Science Degree. For all the degrees available please go the the PIHE Home Page.